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[Recyfit Flea Market] Significant price cuts for plated dumbbell sets, etc.!

Thank you for your continued patronage of the recyfit Center.

Introducing new bargains on the 15th of every month【Recyfit蚤の市】を開催決定!
We will post great-value set products and discounted products on our WEB and SNS, so don’t miss it!
This time, the prices of the following products have been significantly reduced!
Nakao Health Dumbbell 1-10kg + Rack * There is a missing part in the saucer
IVANKO Straight bar IB-16
ALEX OB-10 Technical olymbar
APEX Glute
Please see the product page for details!

* Please note that used items are out of stock as orders are prioritized.
For inquiries, please use the inquiry form.

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