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【Introduction of new used goods!】

・LIFEFITNESS Leg raise ・LIFEFITNESS Leg raise ・LIFEFITNESS Leg raise ・FLEX Preacher curl bench ・MAGNUM Preacher curl bench ・TECHNOGYM Preacher curl bench We also have a lot of benches in stock, and we are selling it at a special price. Check out the free weights corner. 【free weights】

【Introduction of new used goods!】

・FREEMOATION Dual cable cross ・TUFFSTUFF Multi hip ・CYBEX Chest press ・LIFEFITNESS Leg Press ・HAMMERSTRENGTH Power rack

【Introduction of new used goods!】

・Hip Thrust machine ・CYBEX Power rack ・CYBEC Olympic flat bench ・MCORE MCORE FTS

【Introduction of TECHNOGYM!】

・TECHNOGYM Abdominal ・TECHNOGYM Back Extension ・TECHNOGYM Rotary torso ・TECHNOGYM Leg extension ・TECHNOGYM Seated Leg Curl ・TECHNOGYM Leg Press ・TECHNOGYM GLUTE ・TECHNOGYM Aductor ・TECHNOGYM Abductor ・TECHNOGYM Chest press ・TECHNOGYM Lat Pulldown ・TECHNOGYM fly ・TECHNOGYM Seated row

【Introduction of new used goods!】

・TUFFSTUFF プリチャーカールベンチ ・HAMMERSTRENGTH Flat bench ・NOBRAND Flat bench ・HAMMERSTRENGTH Power rack ・TECHNOGYM adjustable bench ・TECHNOGYM adjustable bench ・TECHNOGYM Abdominal Bench ・TECHNOGYM Back Extension ・TECHNOGYM Flat bench  

【Introduction of new used goods!】


【Introduction of new used goods!】

・POWERTEC WB-LS16 ・FREEMOATION smith machine ・FREEMOATION adjustable bench ・CYBEX adjustable bench ・CYBEX half rack ・PRECOR Back Extension

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【Made in Japan High quality Bench Series】

Made in Japan High quality Bench Series High quality Bench Series

【Notice of summer vacation】

Our company will be in summer break between Aug. 11 and Aug. 16. ‎ We will resume our business on Aug. 17.

【Introduction of PRECOR!】

・PRECOR Leg Press ・PRECOR Seated row ・PRECOR GLUTE ・PRECOR Leg extension ・PRECOR Seated Leg Curl ・PRECOR Bicep Curl/Tricep Extension ・PRECOR Back Extension ・PRECOR Abdominal ・PRECOR Chest press ・PRECOR Shoulder press

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