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【Introduction of CYBEX!】

・CYBEX Power Rack ・CYBEX Bent Leg Abdominal Board ・CYBEX Back Extension ・CYBEX Upright Bike 625C ・CYBEX Recumbent bike 625R

【Recyfit Flea Market】

Thank you for your continued patronage of the Recyifit Center. Introducing new bargains on the 15th of every month【Recyfit flea market】In session! We will post great-value set products and discounted products on our WEB and SNS, so don’t miss it! ・TECHNOGYM 3station ¥66,000(税込) ・MATRIX Chest press ¥33,000(税込) ・APEX Leg extension ¥33,000(税込) ・SPORTS ART Flat bench ¥1,100(税込) ・SPORTS ART Abdominal Bench ¥1,100(税込) ・PRECOR Abench ¥11,000(税込) ・MAXICAM Abdominal Board ¥16,500(税込) ・LIFEFITNESS Life…

【Introduction of new used goods!】

・TECHNOGYM Chest press ・TECHNOGYM Preacher curl bench ・LIFEFITNESS Olympic flat bench ・CYBEX Adjustable Decline Bench ・TUFFSTUFF CXT-155

【Introduction of new used goods!】

・CYBEX Upright Bike625C ・CYBEX Recumbent bike625R ・CYBEX Ark Trainer 626A ・CYBEX Ark Trainer 626AT ・CYBEX Ark Trainer 626AT ・CYBEX Flat bench ・PRECOR Dumbbell Rack

【Introduction of new used goods!】

・STARTRAC Adjustable bench ・STARTRAC Hyper extension ・STARTRAC Adjustable Decline Bench ・TECHNOGYM Hyper extension ・STRIVE Leg Press ・CYBEX Seated Leg Curl ・Battle rope

【Introduction of TECHNOGYM!】


【Introduction of AILEDUMONDE!】


【Introduction of TECHNOGYM!】

・TECHNOGYM GLUTE ・TECHNOGYM Leg extension ・TECHNOGYM Chest press ・TECHNOGYM Back Extension

【Introduction of new used goods!】

・PRECOR Abdominal/Lowback ・STARTRAC Abdominal/Lowback

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